If you need a freind call me. If you need help email me.If you need money, the number you dialed is not in service…
found this pretty cool thing on the internet! I gave it to one of my friends and her brother asked if I made it up 😉 I wish I really had!
                                                                   click to enlarge
Its so close to holiday! I can’t wait! but its only one week holiday so going to have a busy holiday trying to see all my friends! Lucky private schools have already started holidays so they get two weeks!!!Then after this holiday starts exams and then the December holiday!!!!!!!!!Its pretty unfair my sister and brother finish school 2 weeks before me at the end of the year, so I’ll be just starting my  exams and they will be chilling!  

My mom bought me a magazine from Augustine by Vicky Courtney. It was really good! I found a webpage of hers which I found really interesting and helpful!  

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