I eventually did it! Built a gingerbread house!! A few weeks ago My sister and I decided that it’s about time to..well….TRY! We chose a nice day( when my mom was out so she could not see the mess we made, and when my brother wasn’t there either to make comments 😉 We worked the whole day and finished only in the afternoon!( I mean we did start in the morning:) I AM SOO SURPRISED WE GOT IT STANDING!!!! but you really don’t want to see inside the house. There was so much icing it made you sick! It reminded me of bird poo and that put me off icing and gingerbread for a really long time!

Anyway, we ate it eventually, after my family persuaded me(eventually!)) and I must admit it was yummy!( I landed up eating all the nice parts and leaving the gingerbread;)

 I have to go(be seeing you around 😉



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