Monthly Archives: March 2012


I found a really cool song… called prom queen. Actually really nice words. It was on a tape but I managed to get it of the internet…


Here’s the lyrics:)

Well I’m kicking it alone at home today
Yeah, my Saturday nights seem to go that way
No one around but my dog and me
Is this what you call reality?
She was gonna be the girl of my dreams
Little did I know, she thought differently
Her Boyfriend don’t think much of me
He won’t even let her talk to me
That’s okay, who needs her anyway?
Not me, I’m happy as can be
Doing fine
All of the time
Yeah, you know I’ll be alright

True love waits and it ain’t no lie
I guess it’s time to find a way to hide
Hit and miss it’s all the same
Someday she’ll come crawling back to me

(Repeat Chorus)

I want a girl who’ll take the time
To love me for what’s inside
I’ll be hers and she’ll be mine
Until the end of time

Sitting all alone at home today
Yeah my Saturday nights seem to go that way
I don’t want your sympathy
I’m just living out my destiny



We got a dart board:) Well… we actually bought it for youth… but we do take it home… so it’s kind of  both of ours. But to get to the point my sister decided to try take some pictures of the darts flying through the air, eventually…

…she got it!

I really like these pictures. I always  imagine I’m walking trough a thick, dark jungle in the middle of the night, and the full moon is shining down on the overgrown path…then suddenly a whizzing darts flys over my head( anyway…that is soooo unrealistic:) It isn’t even  night in the picture.. AND there is a dart board 🙂

Ps: sorry this picture just WON’T behave, so I’m just going to leave it down low!