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Some interesting facts that maybe you didn’t know 😉

With how many people do you share your birthday?

at least 9 million people

How many times can an A4 piece of paper be folded in half?

no more than 7 times

What gross ingredient does lipstick contain?

Fish scales

How many time does the average person laugh each day?

about 15 times

How long would you shout to produce enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee

8 years 7 months and 6 days












Yes!…we were that close to the rhino! we went for a walk in Ritvlei (a game reserve), fortunately the game reserve don’t have elephants or something like that! The second picture is kind of ironic, because you see the big new shopping center they building in the background 😛

Glad I’m still here to write about it 😀



we found this in our passage! AHHH! I hope there isn’t a nest some where out there with the mommy and the daddy and the thousand babies 🙂

Actually something funny happened when we found it.When we found the scorpion my mom thought it was dead.. actually it wasn’t! So she sprayed it with doom and we left it to die. Five minutes later my mom came and whacked it with a fly swatter(just to make sure,you know 🙂 but as she whacked it jumped up and landed somewhere else, we frantically looked everywhere but we couldn’t find it! I was taking of my jacket and checking if it was anywhere on me! we were getting a bit worried when we found it on the carpet a little way away.. and fortunately DEAD!

😀 L



I’ve appeared disappear in two weeks…because of…EXAMS. Before I end on this sad note I want to show you the chocolate brownies I made, but what is even more amazing is the heart shape it formed. Actually my older brother cut it and then we say the heart. My sister and I were  like wow, we have to take a picture of it! Meanwhile my brothers waiting to eat this brownie 🙂