I found this on a girls blog I was I thought I might as well do one on my blog

A. Age: 15

B. Breakfast: granola and vanilla yoghurt

C. Color: baby yellow 

D.Desert: chocolate mouse

E. Essential Clothing Item: tracksuit pants!

F. Food: Romans pizza!!!!

G. Gold or Silver?: silver

H. Hair Color: brown and little bit of blond:)

I. Instrument: clarinet

J. jelly tots yes or no: YESSSSS!

K. Knick-Knacks: baking 😉

L. Least Favourite Chore: cleaning the bathroom(its hard work :D)

M. Movie last watched: Larkrise to Candleford

V. Veggie you like: potato

W. Who is your favorite actor?: hehe..I have no idea 🙂

X. X-Rays: what???

Y. Yummy Food I Make: cinna-buns

Z. Zoo Animal: lion


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