I want to start with Awkward and Awesome Thursday… so here goes:)


when you getting excited while telling a story and you spit in the other persons face, by mistake :/

when you sitting talking to friends and they laughing over that old phone they had when they were small and you have that phone at the moment 😛

when you go call for your neighbours cat over the garden wall and then realize your neighbours are in the garden!

when you decide to be brave and go say hi to some girls you don’t know at a youth social, you walk up to them and they stop talking and theirs a super long awkward silence 😛


going to Durban for the 2nd time in my life!

Power camp in 15 days…almost two weeks!!!!!

Having holiday while everyone’s at school

and eating a fresh roll and a ice-cream for lunch(that a really nice lunch 😉




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