Awkward and Awesome Thursday…oops, Friday ;)


Oops!!! I forgot that yesterday was Awkward and Awesome Thursday…any way I’ll make today A&A Friday


Going up to your friend’s room and walking into “her”room, chucking your shoes off and plonking down on the bed. Saying the changes she’s made to her room are soooo awesome. When she comes up, she says to me,  “do you want to come to my room?”,  and I realized she had swopped rooms with her brother and I has just sommer plonked myself in Keagan’s room!!!

Introducing yourself at a youth group and you have to say your age and you say 16 instead of 15 😛

Sitting down -at least trying to -on a chair in front of a whole team at a camp and missing the chair and  managing to knock it over at the same time!


Power camp’s today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having your old ballet teacher for two days cause your other one is on a course, it was so nice to see her 😀

Your sister telling you when reading my last A&A post that it’s AWESOME 😉

and… finding American chocolate chips at a Spar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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