Awkward and Awesome Thursday :D



I was  at the shops with my mom and she was looking at groceries and I had  just come back to her . I see a trolley nearby her and I walked up to it and looked in it. I was so surprised, my mom had bought cold meats and junk food, I picked something else up in the trolley to look at it, then realized that it wasn’t actually my mom’s trolley and I was looking through this random guy’s trolley. He gave me a really weird look as I put the items back in his trolley (hope that made sense :))

Giving your friend a card and forgetting to write in in 😛

Telling your friends, your favourite singer and they all burst out laughing -wow thanks:)

Forgetting your birthday, when someone asks you.


Telling some friends at a camp that you are 18 instead of 15 and they really believed you 😀 😀

Power was awesome (OK…sorry guys, I’ll stop telling you it was awesome :D)…oh and something else about power camp…coming in the top three! oh yeah!!

getting Bobby’s new CD in two months time (and about time to!)!!


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