Awkward and Awesome Thursday!! long over due…



Asking you friend who is going to watch a cricket match if they going to Loftus(which is a Rugby stadium!) how doff was that! ;D

Arriving at a new youth group, you visiting and you  the only one there! (fortunately some one arrived later:D)

walking into a chair when you trying to walk calmly out of church-embarrassing right!

A guy in a car in front of you hops out of his car at the robot smacks his indicator light twice. We were laughing in the car behind and he gave us a huge grin and a thumbs up sign. it was so funny 😉

My brother telling me that my English grammar (and spelling) on this blog is atrocious!




my brother wrote that last sentence 😛

Amazing American cheesecake 😉 yum-yum!!


Finished your music theory and clarinet exam!!!!

going to your friends rhythmic gymnastic concert and coming home and decided you need to stretch BIG time to become that flexible.


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