Awkward & Awesome!! :)



My sister walks into a bank and walks up to the counter. The teller behind the counter picked up the phone that was ringing and answered it. “Hello, How are you?” and my sister said “I’m fine thanks and you!” and then realized that he was actually talking on the phone! he’s grin was soooo big 😀 then after he put the phone down he said to my sister and “now,HOW are YOU?!”

my brother, my dad  and I  were having a completion to see who could throw a tennis ball the best with your wrong hand. well I’m left handed but my left hand is actually a bit weaker than my right( I thought) but when I through the ball, I threw it right through my bedroom window(next to the wall we were throwing it at)  oops! at least it was my room 😀

walking into a shop which you haven’t been to for about 2 months and the guy who helped you last time recognizes you 😀

never knowing if you should put one thing under awkward or if you should have put it under awesome 😉


having a “quick” power nap between your studying… and waking up 2 hours later…(cough*)

good memories from playing cricket in primary school and your couch told you after you just hit a ball on to the roof, that you weren’t allowed to do that, well it was fun anyway 😉

My cousins gave my mom and dad a box of chocolates with “Rich and Del” written on it so me and my brother and sister added “and family” at the end of “Rich and Del”. My parents never notices but we told them in the end 😛

this is just kinda funny- I woke up crying a few nights ago cause I was crying in my dream(my dream must have been really sad :D)


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