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I guess I’ve been a bit too full holiday-well maybe I’v had too much of holiday 😛

sooooo here goes…A&A 🙂


going to university(college) for the day with my sister; firstly I try get in with another student card and my sister got in trouble with the very fierce looking security guard, then secondly, I get in trouble for eating in the library with him. If  I ever go study there he’s sure going to know me 😛

I was invited around for breakfast at a friend and when I got there my friends brothers like “can we NOW finally eat :D” oops-sorry you had to wait so long for your breakfast 😛

my sister singing in my ear while I’m trying to type this- so excuse the spelling mistakes 🙂

my sister(again) telling me: “you getting redder by the moment” cause I had sun burnt on a hike-thanks sis!!



seeing someone in your garden and freaking out. It turns out to be your neighbour that climbed over the wall to get a lemon off our tree 😀 that’s what friends are for 😉

having holiday!!!

seeing like all your friends in 4 days 😉

making choc chip cookies with the last of your chocolate chips from America :/ by the way the awesome parts were the choc chip cookies 😉



A&A and smoothie time


Vanilla yogurt and frozen mango smoothie




  • 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
  • 1 mango frozen

blend and enjoy-it tastes as good as ice cream!! 😉






  • 1 pineapple frozen and chopped up
  • 1 granadilla
  • 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt

mix together and  enjoy 😉




Awkward and Awesome



that awkward one out in a group of friends that know each other ;/

dreaming about 1/2 the people from your church and next time you see them you keep on thinking of your dream!

sitting in a circle and you next to the leader. each time his eyes go round and then land on you for about 5 minutes so it’s like awkward eye contact 😛

a challenge  fit your whole body through one piece of paper without dejointing it! super hard! ps: I never got it but I was show afterwards 😉




one of my friends decide to get some friends together every month just to have a social-sooo awsome!

these are awesome-although I’d never where them 🙂

the series Larkrise to Candleford -especially when you’ve forbidden yourself to only watch one episode on Sunday afternoon 😀

its the weekend!!!!!!!



Super funny & so true…


ps I know the title looks dodgy but its not-its like a cartoon 🙂


Awkward, Awesome & Awful…


ya I know it IS long over due!!!!


phoning you friend and she wasn’t at home but you spoke to her mom and she asked for your number so my friend could phone me back. well I gave her the wrong number so I had to phone her back and say umm sorry, I said my number wrong! here’s the right one 😀

getting sung Happy Birthday at your church’s pray meeting… so awkward cause you don’t know where to look

Going to a bring and braai and the guys didn’t see your meat there and they didn’t braai you had to eat there meat 😛

playing at the wrong time in orchestra and it is sooo obvious!

landing up kinda following these guys around the shop or they following you cause you always seem to land up in the same isles. you feel like you want to wave and say-hi not you again ;p


the bag my mom’s making me!!

playing mafia

making lots of new friends

brownies-I love them!

Walking passed a parrot in a nursery and you say hello to it. It said nothing then you try ‘ello’ in like bird language, and it says Hello back!


One of best friend can’t come to your party at the last moment

getting sick :/

not having had an Awkward and Awesome for months!