Awkward, Awesome & Awful…


ya I know it IS long over due!!!!


phoning you friend and she wasn’t at home but you spoke to her mom and she asked for your number so my friend could phone me back. well I gave her the wrong number so I had to phone her back and say umm sorry, I said my number wrong! here’s the right one ūüėÄ

getting sung Happy Birthday at your church’s pray meeting…¬†so¬†awkward cause you don’t know where to look

Going to a bring and braai and the guys¬†didn’t¬†see your meat there and they¬†didn’t¬†braai you had to eat there meat ūüėõ

playing at the wrong time in orchestra and it is sooo obvious!

landing up kinda following these guys around the shop or they following you cause you always seem to land up in the same isles. you feel like you want to wave and say-hi not you again ;p


the bag my mom’s making me!!

playing mafia

making lots of new friends

brownies-I love them!

Walking passed a parrot in a nursery and you say hello to it. It said nothing then you try ‚Äėello‚Äô in like bird language, and it says Hello back!


One of best friend can’t come to your party at the last moment

getting sick :/

not having had an Awkward and Awesome for months!


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