Awkward and Awesome



that awkward one out in a group of friends that know each other ;/

dreaming about 1/2 the people from your church and next time you see them you keep on thinking of your dream!

sitting in a circle and you next to the leader. each time his eyes go round and then land on you for about 5 minutes so it’s like awkward eye contact ūüėõ

a¬†challenge¬† fit your whole body through one¬†piece¬†of paper without dejointing it! super hard! ps: I never got it but I was show afterwards ūüėČ




one of my friends decide to get some friends together every month just to have a social-sooo awsome!

these are awesome-although I’d never where them ūüôā

the series¬†Larkrise¬†to¬†Candleford¬†-especially¬†when you’ve¬†forbidden¬†yourself to only¬†watch¬†one episode on Sunday afternoon ūüėÄ

its the weekend!!!!!!!



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