I guess I’ve been a bit too full holiday-well maybe I’v had too much of holiday 😛

sooooo here goes…A&A 🙂


going to university(college) for the day with my sister; firstly I try get in with another student card and my sister got in trouble with the very fierce looking security guard, then secondly, I get in trouble for eating in the library with him. If  I ever go study there he’s sure going to know me 😛

I was invited around for breakfast at a friend and when I got there my friends brothers like “can we NOW finally eat :D” oops-sorry you had to wait so long for your breakfast 😛

my sister singing in my ear while I’m trying to type this- so excuse the spelling mistakes 🙂

my sister(again) telling me: “you getting redder by the moment” cause I had sun burnt on a hike-thanks sis!!



seeing someone in your garden and freaking out. It turns out to be your neighbour that climbed over the wall to get a lemon off our tree 😀 that’s what friends are for 😉

having holiday!!!

seeing like all your friends in 4 days 😉

making choc chip cookies with the last of your chocolate chips from America :/ by the way the awesome parts were the choc chip cookies 😉



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