Awkward & Awesome



my sisters friend has to come pick something up in the morning and we thought she was coming like 10. She arrived at 7:15 and I had to go out in my PJs cause my mom was showering 😛

breaking your clarinet and then having to tell everyone you broke it by dropping it!

you staring at this girl in the shops and then she turns around and looks straight at you-so awkward(I shouldn’t been staring :P)

your sister told you to answer her phone thinking it was our mom and then it turns out to be a friend from varsity-we had a VERY awkward conversation 😀


my sisters bday 2 day!!

a friend is coming along to youth with you-I’m excited to see her again 🙂

a basketball tournement for youth from a couple of churches! YAY!

coconut flavoured vasoline(lip ice) 😉

Wakaberry!!!!(frozen yoghurt if you don’t know what wakabery is :D)



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