I cant believe its last year October I last posted!!!!!!!!!!

well here’s a few pics! 🙂





frozen berries
frozen Kiwi
frozen pineapple
1/2 berrie yoghurt
little bit of ice

beat together and enjoy 🙂
ps: as you can see from the photo I’m a bad photographer!! 😀

Awkward and Awesome…



our orchestra concert for the last two days!! it was sooo much fun seeing my friend three days in a row

One direction!! 😀

my mom made new rolo choc chip cookies…they amazing!

making new friends; I think that is one of the most awesomest things to do!

hand tennis! I love playing it actually that’s what I’m off to do now… 🙂


trying to header a tennis ball of your nose and now my nose is seriously eina/sore!! that’s what comes from doing dumb things!

been told 3 times by three different people that I look like someone else..i’m just wondering if I have a twin somewhere…

my friend looked at me and said. “you look really nice with mascara on and then she turns to the guy standing with us and says “oh I see you also put on” it was seriously funny!!

I’m backstage and I have to keep quite but you have the giggles and this one guy keeps on making a funny face and saying “breath Lauren” and I literally nearly cracked out laughing! I could not look at him otherwise I would of!!

at a camp we were divided into different teams and each time the orange team was called it sounded like lauren…I kept on thinking someone was calling me all the time 😛