Monthly Archives: June 2012


I really want to post a picture of  my “potato man”(Poky:) that we made at youth! he’s so cute, I was really sad that I had to part with him(loserish :P) But once the photos are loaded on the computer I’ll post a picture. Hope everyone has a good Sunday 🙂




Sorry for the bad quality but I saw this and I decided to quickly take the photo before they fly away. A few had all ready gone…but it still looks cute:)

I know its kind of late…but I had an AWESOME weekend 🙂 My cousins were here from East -London. 12 of us in all, in a 4 bed roomed house! but it was sooo awesome seeing them. The last time I saw my youngest cousin she was a baby and now she is a cute 4 year old. Time flies!

Enjoy your weekend!!!


This is the button I made for my blog except I don’t know how to put it on!!!!!!I thought I would show you guys anyway 😉

And if you have any clue how to add the button, please, please show me how!!!;)

Ps; by the way, its Ephesians 2:8-9 it looked like Ephesians 289 🙂